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Dr. Satyawan Malik


I, on behalf of the College family, warmly welcome all our new students and hope this is the beginning of a long and positive association with the college. Since it is a relatively new campus founded in 2007, within a short span it has acquired a reputation for high performance in the area of academic success. Always remember the student life is the most beautiful phase of life, and it’s the period where you can learn good time management and sense of responsibility. But all this should be accompanied with sufficient importance given to games and other co-curricular activities. You should also learn to sift the effluents of affluence of the crass materialism by developing a good self-esteem, and love for the country. While Matthew Arnold, a Victorian scholar, wanted morality to be ¾ of man’s conduct in life, I believe it should be 4/4 of your conduct. There will be moments in your life when you will be exposed to a wider world and your personal achievements and learning’s will be put to fire test. Be good human. Be firm. Hold fast to the values and principles to make these an invertible part of your personality. Adhere to truth, love, justice and duty. I’m a strong believer in selfless service where the mantra is to carpet the world instead of putting on slippers. Truth alone shall prevail - “Satya Meva Jayate” So let’s strive to achieve greater heights. Dr. Satyawan Malik Principal, H.E.S. - I SMSL Government College, Julana (Jind)