The college since its inception has an academic ambience having adequate need-based physical infrastructure. The institute ensures adequate availability as well as optimal utilization of physical infrastructure to create an environment of excellence in education through technologically innovative educational tools. The college has a very large campus of 16.1 acres with a built-up area of 3767 sq. feet. Our College campus includes an Administrative Block, Teaching Blocks, Girls common room, Library, Staff Residential Facilities, Lawns/Gardens, Parking Area, Gymnasium Hall, Sports Ground and Cafeteria Facilities.


Administrative Block


The administrative block has the Principal office/ Conference room/ Bursar Office/ Deputy. Sup. Office/ General Office/ scholarship Office and Fees Counter/Office are fully equipped with ICT facilities. The Principal Office has a video conferencing facility for attending online meetings and CCTV attached LED facility to keep an eye on all college activity.


Teaching Blocks

Teaching block is equipped with different size classrooms/ Edusat room/faculty rooms/labs. All classrooms are quite adequate to accommodate the students as per the requirements of classes. All rooms are airy and well-spaced to provide healthy and hygienic study conditions to the students. They have the requisite number of dual desks or sitting chairs and have the facility of green boards.


ICT Facilities


The ICT facility is considered an integral part of teaching-learning activities in the college. There is one seminar room and some wifi-facilitated classrooms with projectors and a good sound system. There are three computer labs available for the students. These labs have adequate computer equipment, internet connectivity to support practical sessions. In addition, the college provides access to software   packages.


Lab Facilities 


There is a good infrastructure of laboratories in the college and there are separate labs in each teaching department like Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and English. These labs are well equipped with necessary experimental facilities and are upgraded annually. The majority of them are equipped with ICT facilities like Wifi. These labs are the key to imparting learning to students by experimentation and thus providing them an exposure to simulate practical conditions.

Library Facilities


The well-stocked Automated Library is located on ground floor with an impressive building having a large capacity of students. The library has a lobby with newspaper facilities, one common room, a periodical counter, a librarian office, storeroom, a reference section and a magazine rack. The library has a Text-Book Section, a book bank, a competitive book section, one storeroom, one IQAC office and a separate reading section for staff. The library is fully air-conditioned.





Sports Facilities

Students are trained in sports and encouraged to participate at various levels of competition including Intra college events, Inter-university events, National events, and international events under the supervision and guidance of the sports department of the college. Intra- college events are organized every year by the college. College also has a well-equipped gymnasium hall which is utilized by the students throughout the year for improving their overall skills. The outdoor sports facilities include cricket ground, open space for yoga etc. Indoor arrangements comprise a badminton court and table tennis facility. A fully equipped gymnasium is open for the students and staff from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is a popular spot for both sports enthusiasts and health-conscious students. The gymnasium has the latest equipment and machines: Cross Trainer, Stationary Bike, Treadmill, and various kind of machines to name a few.



Cultural Facilities

As the College believes in the all-around development of its students, it constantly encourages them to take part in extracurricular activities to spark their interests and cultivate leadership qualities as well as team spirit. There are separate music rooms for vocal and instrumental events and they cater not only to the teaching of the subject of music but also for arranging performances during different cultural activities at the college/university/ state- level. The college provides two outdoor stages and a vibrant space for various exhibitions/ cultural activities and festivals. The college conducts various cultural programs every year for the students. A talent search competition named “Swar nirjhar” and “hunarbaz” is organized every year for first-year students to search for talent among new students. Along with that various National Days are also celebrated. Apart from this, students also represent the college in a Youth festival organized by the CRS University (Jind).


Others Facilities


The college has a canteen and cafeteria facility, providing services to the students at subsidized rates. The college has a fully green campus with three lawns, and a sports ground. A parking facility is also available for students and staff members in the college campus with CCTV facility. In addition, the college campus is equipped with smart CCTV cameras for the safety of students under complete surveillance of the Principal.