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A Brief Report on

Anti Sexual Harassment/ Violence against Women, Internal Complaints Cell, Grievance Redressal Cell,



Anti Sexual Harassment/ Violence against Women and Internal Complaints Cell play a crucial role in providing a congenial, healthy and protective environment to the young girl students and also to the teaching and non-teaching staff members of the college. The college constitutes the committee every year as per the UGC guidelines to redress the grievances of both the staff and the students. The grievances and complaints are heard with patient hearing and solutions are sought out in every possible manner. Any complaint regarding sexual harassment is taken very seriously and action is taken very judiciously. Students may drop the grievances in writing in the complaint box/suggestion box of the Grievance cell in administrative block. Grievances may also be sent through e-mail to the officer in-charge.


Composition of Grievance Redressal Cell (Anti Sexual Harassment/ Violence Against Women) Committee members




1.      Dr. Yashpal Singh (Patron)

2.      Dr. Jyoti Ladwal (Assistant Professor)

3.      Dr. Jagbir Singh (Assistant Professor)

4.      Dr. Neha Mittal (Assistant Professor)





5.      Dr. Yashpal Singh (Patron)

6.      Dr. Jyoti Ladwal (Assistant Professor)

7.      Dr. Jagbir Singh (Assistant Professor)

8.      Dr. Neha Mittal (Assistant Professor)

All the students have the right to appeal any academic matter in which they feel that they have been treated unfairly. If any problem arises and is not resolved informally, students may file a grievance with the Grievance Redressal Cell (CGRC) of the college.

Objective of Grievance Redressal Committee:

       To uphold the dignity of the college by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the college.

       To ensure expeditions settlement of grievances of students in order to maintain a harmonious education atmosphere in the institute.

       To deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.

       Encouraging the students to express their grievances/problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.

       To make officials of the college responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.

       To ensure effective solution to the students grievances with an impartial and fair approach.

Function of Grievance Redressal Committee:

       To accept written grievances from students and staff related to the system.

       To create and implement a mechanism to handle the reported grievances.

       To forward the findings to the Grievance Redressal Committee if necessary for further action.

       To listen, record, scrutinize the grievances submitted to them by the Staff and Students and take necessary steps immediately.

       To attend to the grievances based on the authenticity and gravity of the criticisms made.

       To represent the grievances to the concerned section which may include maintenance, transport, academic, amenities etc.


The cell will deal with grievances received in writing from the students about any of the following matters:

       Academic matters: Related to timely issue of duplicate Mark-sheets, Transfer Certificates, Conduct Certificates or other examination related matters.

       Financial Matters: Related to dues and payments for various items from library, hostel etc.

       Other Matters: Related to certain misgivings about conditions of sanitation, preparation of foods, availability of transport, victimization by teachers etc.




The data of all the proceedings of the cell is reserved safely with the committee.










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