Minutes of IQAC Meeting dt 29/09/2021

Timing= 11:00AM

Venue= Principal Office

1    IQAC coordinator, Dr. Surender Kumar, welcomed the members to today’s meeting with special mention to need of regular meet of IQAC .                                                                                                        

2 Resolved that the minutes of IQAC meeting  dated 27/9 21 be confirmed .

3 Detail procedure for the verification of API score disused and unanimously accepted & decaled that API forms will be verified through proper channel via office of Principal .

4 All the minutes and activities of IQAC to be uploaded on college website and separate comer for IQAC to be maintained on website (Action to be taken by Sh Sharvan )

5 All departments should submit their proposal for starting & feasibility of value – added courses in their   respective department ( Action to be taken by All HOD)

6 All departments suggested to organize at least one national seminar or workshop or conference . (Action to be taken by Respected HOD s)

7 Alumini committee & students and parents feeback in proper format & submit the format of feedback before  next meeting. (Action to be taken by convener of ALUMINI & STUDENTS feedback committee ) 

8 Library incharge was suggested to prepare the list of required infrastructure for updation and digitalization of library .( Action to be taken by Sh . Sahil, library incharge)

9 All the HOD of respective departments suggested to maintain proper record of their department activities in the register maintained at their department level ( Action to be taken by all HOD’s)

10 complaint box should be opened and checked at least once a month. ( Action to be taken by convener of grievance committee )

11 Quarterly report of the budget for current session alones with the expenditure of college funds should be prepared and maintained, showing detail usage of budget and funds ( Action to be taken bursar of college )

12 Best practices of tree plantation women empowerment and fitness camps should be encouraged & circulated between students and faculty.( action to be taken by incharge, women cell, NSS coordinator for both boys and girls)

13 steps should be taken toward publishing of college magazine and academic calendar ( Action to be taken convenor press & publicity committee)

14)  Efforts should be made to install transparent complaint box (Action to be taken by convenor grievance committe)

15 ) Proper facilities should be made available for students to play both outdoor & indoor games effort to be made for preparing badminton and basket ball court. frequent inter- department . Games should be arranged for both student and faculty  ( Action to be taken be convenor sports committee )

16)  From IQAC members, the following duties assigned to make the work of college committees more effective and smooth as per rules & regulation of department.


Library Committee

Dr. Neha Mittal will be incharge for monitoring these committee’s work quarter wise


API Verification Work




Girls Common Room and Staff Room


ACR Result



Ms. Meena will be incharge for monitoring these committee’s work quarter wise


Cleanliness and Beautification


Red Ribbon and Traffic


IT And Computer


Press And Publicity


Women Cell

Dr. Jyoti will be incharge for monitoring these committee’s work quarter wise


Beti Bachao Committee


Cultural Committee


Registrar Office


AQR Preparation


Tutorial Group

Dr. Vishal will be incharge for monitoring these committee’s work quarter wise


Sports Committee


Purchase Committee


Alumini Committee


College Funds


Guidance and Placement

Dr. Neeraj will be incharge for monitoring these committee’s work quarter wise


Recruitment Board


Earn While Learn




Anti corruption and Anti Smoking


17 )   incharges mentioned above form 16-A to 16 –E will submit their quality report quarter wise that is work till 30/ 9/21 , 31/12/21,  31/03/ 22 and 30/06/22 respectively to undersigned.(action to be taken by incharges mentioned in 16-A to 16-E)

18 )  All correspondence regarding   work of API will be done by DR. Jyoti , IOAC  member ( Action to be taken by Dr. Jyoti )

19 ) The meeting ended with thanks to all staff members and IQAC members .

Members of IQAC please note the above minutes from S.no . 1 to 19 and same will be sent on your email id.  

1 Dr. Vishal Redhu

EMAIL :  redhuvishal1951@gmail.com   

2) Dr Neha Mittal

EMAIL: NAEHMIAIL1986@gmail.com

3) Dr. Neeraj Dhania

Gmail : neerajdhania 80@gmail.com 

4 Dr. Jyoti Rani

Gmail : jyotijyotirani@gmail.com

5 Ms. Meena

Gmail : ranameena 908@gmail.com                            


Coordinator, IQAC                                                                                                           Principal cum Chairman, IQAC

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